Meet the Tripping Sisters

Lynne and Christine in Peru

Every Journey has a Story!!

Adventuring around the world sparked their passion for photography. These two sisters have always loved exploring new places and experiencing different cultures. But as they traveled more and more, they realized that they wanted to capture those moments and memories in a way that would last forever.

That's how TrippingSisters was born! Together, Lynne and Christine decided to combine their love for travel and photography to create something truly special. They discovered that they each had a unique eye for capturing the world around them. And as they explored different countries and continents, they found new ways to express themselves through their art.

But being a photographer is a never-ending journey. There's always something new to learn, some new technique to try, some new perspective to explore. And that's why Lynne and Christine are constantly working to improve their craft. They know that the more they practice and experiment, the better they'll get.

And now, they want to share their adventures with you! Every photo on TrippingSisters is an original, taken by one of them in some far-off corner of the world (or maybe just in their own backyard!). But no matter where the picture was taken, it's sure to create some amazing memories and feelings.

So go ahead, take a look around! Let Tripping Sisters transport you to a different place and time with their stunning photography. You might even discover a new destination to add to your own travel bucket list!

Welcome to Tripping Sisters. We're so happy you dropped in.

Lynne and Christine


  • Christine in Costa Rica in 2023

    "The possibility of discovering something new has always fascinated me and has fueled my love of travel. In the early days, all I needed were a pair of hiking boots and a backpack to set out on a journey of discovery.

  • As I explored new places and experienced different cultures, I realized that I wanted to capture those memories and share them with others. And that's how my passion for photography began.

    But it wasn't until I started traveling with my sister, Lynne, that everything fell into place. We both shared a love of adventure and a desire to document our experiences through photography.

    Whether we're traveling together or separately, we always carry our cameras with us. You never know when there will be a moment worth capturing.

  • But at the same time, we've also learned to appreciate the importance of being in the moment and enjoying it for ourselves, without the need to document everything.
    Travel and photography have become a way of life for us, and we can't imagine experiencing the world any other way. With each new adventure, we discover something new about ourselves and the world around us, and we're excited to continue sharing our journey through Tripping Sister."

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  • "My journey in photography started when working with photographic equipment for my day job. With time, I mastered the technical aspects of photography and developed an eye for detail.  I even did a stint as a college professor of the subject matter that forced me to dive deep!

    I became so passionate about honing my skills that my interest for photography grew even further.  My sister, Christine  and I dove headlong into learning all we could, taking  college courses, doing private photo tours with pros and just head out to practice, practice, practice. 

  • As I started traveling more frequently, preferring adventure travel that allowed me to document my adventures, I realized how much I loved capturing the beauty of different cultures and environments. It was then that I truly saw photography as an art form, no longer just a work product.  

    I started blending my technical skills with my love for landscapes, candids, and animals in nature to create digital artistic works. It was amazing how I could transform these beautiful scenes into pieces of art.  What’s really cool is that Christine and I bring a different perspective to the art form.

  • Lynne in Africa in 2008

    Now, photography has become my way of expressing myself creatively and sharing my vision with others. It's my passion, and I'm constantly striving to capture the essence of a moment in a way that is both beautiful and meaningful."

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