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Silicone Non-Slip Headband

Tripping Sisters

Silicone Non-Slip Headband.  Great for workouts, yoga, running or casual wear

Our unisex super quality headband is stretchy, expandable as well as adjustable. Soft and comfortable, this sweat wicking headband is great!

Being super breathable and stretchy, this head scarf is comfortable and elastic without feeling the least bit restrictive.  Great to wear during yoga, pilates or crossfit class, or go jogging / biking / basketball / hiking / baseball / weightlifting / golf with your friends.  The moisture wicking fabric will ensure that no sweat drips in your eyes, impairing your vision and will help you look cool and stylish, even after an intense workout session.  After games or workouts, hand wash the sweat away and hang dry. Our headband retains its form, colour and elasticity for a long time.

- Color: Red.
- Material: Chinlon and Spandex.
- Size: 23.5 * 5 * 0.2cm / 9 * 5 * 0.07inch(L * W * H).


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